Former NBA All-Star Dwight Howard Addresses Potential Future In WWE

Former NBA All-Star Dwight Howard Addresses Potential Future In WWE WWE

A former NBA All-Star has addressed a potential future in WWE.

In July, former NBA All-Star center Dwight Howard appeared at the WWE tryouts in Nashville during SummerSlam weekend.

Howard took part in all of the tryouts in the ring and on the mic, but many fans have questioned if there is a future for the former three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

Appearing on All The Smoke, Dwight Howard addressed his potential future inside the squared circle.

He said:

“I would definitely enjoy being a real wrestler like that. My whole life, growing up as a kid, me and my brother wrestled. I played around, acting like I was [Hulk Hogan]. My nickname is Randy Savage. So, that right there tells you how much I love wrestling. I really enjoy the crowd. I enjoy entertaining people. I enjoy the fans and stuff like that. The atmosphere is crazy. I went to SummerSlam this summer, and I got a chance to do some promos for wrestling. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were there. She had just become the new CEO of WWE and I did my promo and they were like, ‘Man, that was the best promo in the whole tryout, man. Do you really want to wrestle?’ I was like, I think it’d be great. You know, I feel like there are so many other avenues that I can do. After doing this thing that I did with the military this summer, it’s like — my mind is the most valuable thing and it’s the strongest thing, with that, I could do anything. It’s the sharpest tool that I have. So if wrestling can happen, man, I’m gonna go get that belt.”

As previously noted, Dwight Howard mentioned that he has no doubts about joining WWE in an interview.

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Transcription via Fightful

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