Former Presidential Candidate Slams WWE For Saudi Arabia Relationship

Former Presidential Candidate Slams WWE For Saudi Arabia Relationship

Many people have condemned WWE for its dealings with Saudi Arabia, and while speaking with Wrestling Inc, Andrew Yang also took issue with the company’s relationship with the Middle Eastern country.

The former US Presidential Candidate had the following to say when the topic of the WWE and Saudi Arabia business relationship was brought up, referencing the infamous Crown Jewel 2019 event:

“Well clearly they’re dealing with people who’ve done unspeakable, despicable things, and this is something that many American companies have had to navigate where if a foreign government does something reprehensible, what does that mean for your dealings with that government?,” Yang said. “That’s something that every company and every leadership team has to to determine for themselves, but certainly, if I were in charge of WWE, I would not have been anywhere near taking money from the the Saudis given their literal dismemberment of a journalist for political reasons.

“Yeah that there was a mystery [at Crown Jewel], and certainly there are a lot of unanswered questions associated with a lot of things that were coming out of that trip, and to me, unfortunately our visibility into some of the happenings in Saudi Arabia isn’t what we hoped it would be.”

This is not the first time that Andrew Yang has spoken publicly about his unhappiness with some of WWE’s business practices. Yang threatened government action against WWE for their third-party edict, and also called the promotion “plain f*cking greedy”.

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