Former Talent Calls WWE Its Own Worst Enemy

Former Talent Calls WWE Its Own Worst Enemy

A former WWE talent has discussed the company, explaining why they believe that WWE is now its own worst enemy.

WWE is the still the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. According to former WWE commentator Hugo Savinovich, the company hinders their own progress.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc, Savinovich claimed that WWE is doing better financially in the ThunderDome. Reminding fans of the promo were the McMahons promised to change the product, Savinovich claimed that the company is mistreating fans for no apparent reason.

Here is the quote:

“WWE dominates wrestling because they’re the No. 1 company in the world, however, if you closely study the product, you’re gonna realize that they actually are making more money now with the ThunderDome because they were not drawing on the road. It was embarrassing. They were not drawing for Raw or SmackDown. They were actually losing money. Now, they have one building where they do two shows and NXT in a smaller building, and all their shows are making money.

“The only true enemy that WWE has is WWE because, they don’t need more money. They already got enough money from Peacock and NBC, FOX, and all the other deals. Yet, they have mistreated the fans. Remember when the McMahon family did a semi-shoot by standing in the ring and promising to change the product? I haven’t seen it happen. They messed up with Bobby Lashley and King Corbin, out of nowhere. And then Lashley and MVP suddenly go from Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin to ex-Retribution guys.

The last episode of SmackDown saw Daniel Bryan face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Although WWE was competing against the NFL Draft, it wasn’t an encouraging sign that viewership was down for that episode compared to previous weeks.

The next episode of SmackDown has been promoted as a “throwback” special. A new report has revealed that the announcement was a total surprise to some people backstage. You can read more about the backstage reaction to this announcement here.

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