Former UFC Fighter Has Massive Praise For Dominik Mysterio

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Former UFC Fighter Has Massive Praise For Dominik Mysterio WWE

Following Dominik Mysterio’s familial WrestleMania showdown with his father Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 39, ‘ex-con Dom’ will presumably be looking to get some revenge at Backlash alongside Damian Priest against Rey and multi-platinum recording artist Bad Bunny.

While this match hasn’t yet been set in stone, Dom and Judgment Day would continue to build their rivalry with Rey and the rest of the newly formed Latino World Order on Smackdown this past Friday (7 April).

In a promo segment before Priest and Dom’s tag match against Rey and Santos Escobar, the Judgment Day would take turns reflecting on their respective WrestleMania experiences.

Although when it came to Dom’s turn he could barely get a word in due to the immense amounts of heat he was receiving from the Portland crowd.

This led the WWE on BT Sport Twitter account to post a picture of Dom and asking the very valid question:

“Is Dom the most hated man in WWE right now?”

While many would argue that title to go to Vince McMahon, at least on-screen anyway it’s a pretty fair statement with Dom consistently drawing massive reactions from live audiences.

In response to BT Sport’s tweet UFC legend and commentator Daniel Cormier would agree with their assessment of Dom, heaping praise on his heel character.

Cormier tweeted:

“Easily the most hated and it’s perfect! Means he’s doing the job right”

While Dominik and Rey’s match at Mania was well-received it has unfortunately been garnering the wrong type of media attention due to WWE’s use of Auschwitz imagery in Dom’s prison entrance package.

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