Former Writer Calls WWE A ‘Political Minefield’

Former Writer Calls WWE A ‘Political Minefield’ WWE

Former WWE writer Andrew Goldstein has reflected on his time with WWE

Goldstein worked with the WWE creative team from June 2006 to July 2007.

Speaking on the Universal Wrestling Podcast, Goldstein used terms like “a political minefield” and “shark-infested waters” to describe the backstage environment, due to how different actions were perceived.

Goldstein said:

“So like, the perception of you palling around with a legend could get turned on you in an instant. It could be like, ‘Look at this guy, who does this guy think he is?’ There was a lot of that like, you just really had to toe a careful line.

“Like if you were sitting down in the bleachers with wrestlers, with a superstar going over a promo, someone somewhere would turn that around on you and be like, ‘You’re trying to curry favor for the boys … You’re playing favorites. There was just a negative side to everything, you couldn’t win.”

Vince McMahon recently stepped away from his positions as WWE CEO and Chairman, following allegations that you can read more about at this link.

Vince was reportedly more involved than usual during Friday’s SmackDown taping. For more details on Vince’s perceived mood backstage at SmackDown, click here.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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