Former WWE Champion Shoots On Current Wrestlers: “Nobody Sells S*it”

Former WWE Champion Shoots On Current Wrestlers: “Nobody Sells S*it”

While appearing on The Hashtag Show, WWE Champion Kevin Nash seemed to take some shots at the way modern wrestlers do things nowadays, noting that “nobody sells s*it”.

The WWE Hall of Famer, who was set to be inducted for the second time this year with nWo, even stated that “woman have better psychology than the guys”, which is apparently a bit of a hot take:

“Nobody sells s*it. To me, it’s just like nobody sells anything. To us, it was always to sell and get the double downs and the falses. Now with guys kicking out on one on moonsaults…..I also don’t want to be the guy – I remember guys that were our agents when we broke in saying ‘Kid, we used to do 60 minutes through’ and you watch 60 minutes through and they’re in a headlock for 48 minutes of it. Everything evolves. I think sometimes the women have better psychology than the guys do.”

To a certain degree, you can see where Kevin Nash is coming from when he suggests that certain moves have been devalued. Things like the Candian Destroyer and Tombstone Piledriver, which were once two of the most devestating in wrestling, are now used by many as transitional moves.

However, to say that “nobody sells s*it” anymore is somewhat of a hot take. Wrestling has undoubedly changed from when Nash wrestled to now. While wrestlers may not sell in the same way they did when he was working, they undeniably sell moves or the story in their own way.

Thanks to 411 Mania for the transcription.

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