Former WWE Star Reveals Times They Didn’t Run Stuff By Management

Former WWE Star Reveals Times They Didn’t Run Stuff By Management WWE

Following his departure, former WWE star Donovan Dijak has revealed some times he didn’t run stuff by management.

Donovan Dijak’s WWE contract expired on June 28 after he revealed that the company did not decide to renew his deal.

Dijak’s exit from the company came off the heels of a successful run back on the WWE NXT brand where he had several standout matches.

Speaking with Tru Heel Heat Wrestling, Donovan Dijak revealed times he didn’t run stuff by NXT management during his last run. After the interviewer SP3 brought up his “Shaft” line ahead of Stand & Deliver, he said:

“[The ‘Shaft’ line] and the Moonsault off the top of the cage. Those are the two, probably the only two times where I just didn’t clear something.”

“Both times, I wasn’t “yelled at” in the back, but there was a clear, they need to cover themselves, if he doesn’t clear things by us, we need to make sure everybody knows to, because you can’t have everybody doing that or the inmates would run the asylum and the whole place falls apart.”

“That being said, I know they liked the stuff, because everybody liked the stuff. I was kind of very vague the whole day where I knew I was jumping off the top of the cage.”

“I was like ‘I’ll do a Moonsault here, and this and that’, and I just went ‘by the way Joe, I’m jumping off the top if that’s okay with you.’ If anyone asks, just blame me.”

On the backstage reaction to the moonsault spot in his Steel Cage Match with Joe Gacy, Dijak said:

“So I did it, then I got to the back and they’re like ‘you’ve gotta run stuff like that by us, that absolutely should have been the finish’.”

“Yeah but if it was the finish I would have had to tell you, and if I told you, I’m almost positive you’d have said no. And they were like ‘yeah we probably would have said no’.”

“At least we’re on the same page, because the responsibility falls on them. If I say I’m gonna jump off the top of the cage, they say absolutely sounds good, then I land on Joe Gacy’s face and break his face, that becomes their responsibility because they greenlit it.”

“So I understand the process of oversight and not wanting to approve things. If I ask them if I can say the Shaft line, and they’re like absolutely, and the network is like ‘who approved this line?’, that falls back on then. So a lot of the time, ask for forgiveness instead of permission, sometimes you have to do that.”

Donovan Dijak also revealed some pitched leaders for the Retribution stable elsewhere in the interview, which you can read at this link.

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