Former WWE Star Admits He’s Open To Returning To The Company

Former WWE Star Admits He’s Open To Returning To The Company WWE

Former WWE star John Hennigan (AKA John Morrison) may have diverged into the world of boxing recently, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a WWE return is off the table in the future.

While speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour Hennigan would joke that he “hates” WWE, before admitting that he would likely go back if they wanted him back.

Hennigan said:

“I hate that place. But sure, if they called me, I’d go back. (Laughs)

“Why do (I) hate it? Because it’s your dream. It’s what I’ve watched as a kid, and then you show up and you want to live your dream and do the things that you’ve dreamed of doing, but it’s a bastardized version of what you want to do. That was my experience.

“It’s not for everybody.

“I kind of exaggerated the hate thing to make a little joke, but sure, I’d go back. I tried not to burn any bridges. I love the roster there, I love a lot of the people there.”

Hennigan would then talk up Tony Khan’s AEW, seemingly leaving the door open to a future in either company, while pointing out the importance in his creative as whether he eventually makes a move or not.

“I love the roster of AEW, Tony I like a lot. Vince, I actually like a lot too. I like all the minds in professional wrestling.

“The place that I go next, I really want to have a good, honest talk with whoever’s in charge, whether it’s Vince, Tony, the number one in charge of WWE-UFC, the merger, or Nick Khan, or whoever that might be, and find out exactly what they have planned for me, and hopefully they’re honest.

“If I don’t like that, I’ll probably not go, and if I do, I will.

“That’s more important than the money for me right now.”

If Hennigan did in fact return to WWE it would be his third stint in the company having originally worked there from 2002-2011 in his first WWE run and 2019-2021 in his second.

He would also take part in a handful of matches in AEW in 2022, where he wrestled as Johnny Elite.

Hennigan has been in the news a lot lately following his boxing debut win at Creator Clash 2 from Tampa, Florida defeating Harley Morenstein via a third round TKO.

Following the fight he would call out YouTuber KSI for a future fight in the boxing ring.

Transcript courtesy of WrestleZone.

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