Former WWE Name Thinks AEW’s New Saturday Show Is ‘Too Much’

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Former WWE Name Thinks AEW’s New Saturday Show Is ‘Too Much’ AEW

AEW’s programming is potentially set to receive a new addition in the near future with a new two-hour primetime Saturday night wrestling show reportedly on its way.

While the new show, likely called AEW Collision, may partly be a way to keep people on the roster who have issues with each other separated (including CM Punk who is reportedly set to be a top star on the new show), it is a huge addition for the company nonetheless.

However, given AEW’s current TV output including AEW Dynamite, Rampage and All Access as well as online programming such as Dark, Dark Elevation and Ring of Honor TV, there is clearly a lot on Tony Khan’s plate.

This has naturally led to questions regarding the need for a third broadcasted weekly wrestling program.

This is something that former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas recently addressed via his Reffin Rants series.

Korderas believes that while AEW has “so much going on”, the latest addition of AEW Collision may prove to be a step too far for the company.

Korderas stated:

“So many questions that need to be answered, I hope it’s a success but I am finding it may be just too much on their plate right now.”

While there are a lot of questions surrounding this new Saturday show we have yet to hear any official word from AEW just yet.

While CM Punk’s future may lie on AEW Collision upon his return, you can find out what AEW have reportedly told their network Warner Bros Discovery regarding Punk’s return, and the latest updates on the new show, at this link.

Transcript courtesy of WrestlingInc.

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