Former WWE Name Praises Return Of Legendary Faction

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Former WWE Name Praises Return Of Legendary Faction WWE

Ahead of his induction to the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday night, Rey Mysterio appeared on Smackdown and provided a rather unexpected surprise to both Legado Del Phantasma and the WWE audience.

That surprise being the return of the legendary WCW faction the Latino World Order or LWO.

During a backstage segment between Mysterio and Legado, Rey would provide Santos Escobar, Zelina Vega, Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde t-shirts revealing the iconic design, seemingly indicating the group had reformed over 20 years since it was last active in WCW.

Not only was this unexpected but it was also well received by fans, however, it seems to have also been similarly welcomed by the widow of former original LWO member Eddie Guerrero.

Taking to Twitter former WWE and AEW name Vickie Guerrero would praise WWE’s decision and indicate that it would be a move that Eddie himself would have approved.

This is amazing!!!! #LWO is back!! Brilliant…..f**king brilliant….@WWE

Eddie is smiling from above and taking a seat in the corner of the top rope!!

The original LWO was formed in 1998 featured much of WCW’s latino roster at the time and included stars such as Guerrero, Mysterio, Juventud Guerrero, Psychosis among others.

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