Former WWE Name Says Current Star Makes Him Turn His TV Off

1 month ago by Jamie Toolan

Former WWE Name Says Current Star Makes Him Turn His TV Off WWE

The success and longevity of The Miz in WWE was hard to ever foresee back when he debuted in the mid 2000s.

The former reality star and Tough Enough contestant had to win his doubters over continuously upon his path to becoming a two-time grand slam winner and sure to be future WWE Hall of Famer.

While Miz is now a bonafide veteran of WWE, there are some that still perhaps do not see his value in the company.

Speaking on his Story Time With Dutch Mantell Podcast, the former Zeb Colter would have some rather harsh words for the A-Lister.

Mantell said:

“When he comes on, I turn my TV off. I don’t turn it off but I don’t listen to him because you can’t even take him seriously. He’s not that funny, he’s got that show on TV. I’ve watched the show, it’s okay.

“It’s a, you know, if you miss it you don’t miss anything, but the mess for him to for me to take him seriously. And I’ve never taken him seriously, even when he was in something serious. I don’t know what it was, I don’t know what it is, but I don’t I don’t much care for him.”

While many would agree that The Miz’s greatest strength is and always has been his gift of gab, Mantell would even poke holes in that by stating that Miz was a good “talker” but not a good “promo”.

While Mantell is clearly not a fan of The Miz, the latter is very much an active part of WWE programming and will even be set for action on tonight’s Monday Night Raw (April 17).

Find out who Miz will be mixing it up with at this link.

Transcript courtesy of Atletifo.

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