Former WWE Star Discusses Decision To Break Up Hurt Business

Former WWE Star Discusses Decision To Break Up Hurt Business WWE

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin has discussed the decision to break up the Hurt Business.

In 2020, Bobby Lashley and MVP aligned and formed a new group entitled The Hurt Business. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander later joined the group alongside the duo.

The faction would gain prominence on the Monday Night Raw brand with Lashley winning the WWE Championship, while Benjamin and Alexander won the Raw Tag Team Championships.

Despite their success, WWE made the decision to break up the stable unceremoniously with Lashley and MVP cutting Benjamin and Alexander after they dropped their titles.

In a new interview with Metro, Shelton Benjamin discussed the decision to break up The Hurt Business. He said:

“I consider that one of my defining contributions to the wrestling business,”

“Definitely cut short too soon – way, way, way too soon. I feel like there’s even to this day, there’s still so much more that Hurt Business could offer do.”

“But again, we don’t make those calls. That was, you know, just a decision. And like I said, love it or hate it., just gotta live with it and move on.”

Admitting the wrestlers involved shared the fans’ frustrations with the Hurt Business break up, Benjamin said:

“What most fans are thinking, we’re thinking,”

On the rumors that the group could have reunited in 2023, Shelton said:

‘There was definitely conversation and planning for the Hurt Business to make a return. And then things just changed,”

”They set dates, the dates changed and things changed. And then suddenly it was like, ‘Nope, we’re just not doing it’. And that was… that was a kick in the balls. [laughs]”

Shelton Benjamin has lamented the huge “mishap” with The Bloodline elsewhere in the interview, which you can read at this link.

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