Former WWE Star Accuses Edge & Randy Orton Of Bullying Her Out Of The Company

Former WWE Star Accuses Edge & Randy Orton Of Bullying Her Out Of The Company

Former WWE star Amy Weber has accused Edge and Randy Orton of bullying her during a flight, which led to her requesting her release from the company.

According to Weber, she was lying across three seats on a plane after suffering a serious tailbone injury, when both Orton and Edge decided to start bullying her.

Speaking in a video on her YouTube channel, Weber said:

“On our way back in Alaska because we had more TV to tape there, I was laying across three seats. We were all sleeping and I’m gonna go ahead and call people out because this is a truthful video — Randy Orton decided to come up behind my chair like a linebacker and he slammed into it so hard that I landed on the floor or the airplane. Then he said to me, ‘You’re gonna learn ***** ****. I didn’t understand what he was talking about.’

“I turned around and I went back to sleep. I was awakened by someone pouring a drink in my face so immediately I popped up and I saw Edge — yes, you Edge with a partially drank drink in his hand with a little bit left and it was the same color that was basically all over me. I stood up and I said, ‘do you have a problem with me?!’ He denied it, but the drink was in his hand.

“So I said, ‘Let’s go fight me! You wanna be a man? Let’s go. Fight me!’ and he kept denying it, but I know he did it. But he had the drink in his hand. At the end of the day did I deserve it because I took two ibuprofen that the trainer told me to take and get some ice from the men’s locker room? I don’t think so. Just as a human being. As a decent human being you just don’t do that to people.”

She would go on to say that while she never thought she was better than anyone else, she always thought she deserved respect, something she felt wasn’t given to her.

According to Weber, she went to Shane McMahon after they landed and informed him she was quitting.


4 years ago by Andy Datson


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