Former WWE Star Al Snow Saves Child From Ocean Riptide

Former WWE Star Al Snow Saves Child From Ocean Riptide

Former WWE star Al Snow made TMZ news today, for all the right reasons.

TMZ spoke with Snow after he heroically saved a child from an ocean riptide on Thursday (September 9) at Santa Rosa Beach in Destin, Florida.

Snow heard the boy calling for help and sprung into action, realising none of the lifeguards would have made it in time. Snow explained the situation with TMZ, saying:

“I made it, thank God, and, I caught him just by the arm just as a wave started to pull him even further out. If I hadn’t have grabbed him, I think he’d have probably went out to sea. That would have been it.”

“I was able to stay up, and hand him off to the lifeguard and I made my way back across to my friend and we went up on the beach and I felt like I was about to collapse. I was exhausted.”

Thankfully both Snow and the child suffered no injuries.

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3 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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