Former WWE Star Asked WWE Not To Use Their Personal Life In A Storyline

Former WWE Star Asked WWE Not To Use Their Personal Life In A Storyline

Professional wrestling and people’s personal lives sometimes mix well and sometimes don’t. One instance where it didn’t was with Mike and Maria Kanellis last year on Raw. What makes this worse is Maria has revealed that she asked WWE not to use her personal life on television if they were going to drop the storyline. Sure enough, they used it and then dropped it.

Maria posted the tweet earlier today responding to a report of Vince McMahon belittling the Rusev Day chant. You can read more about that here. Maria said that it doesn’t surprise her and revealed her request to WWE creative.

“This doesn’t surprise me. We were the most watched segments when we were doing the 24/7 storyline and Vince still pulled the rug out from under us. I begged them not to use my personal life, if they were just gonna drop the storyline. But, they did it anyways.”

For those who don’t remember, Mike and Maria Kanellis were involved in a storyline centered around her pregnancy. The storyline seemed to indicate Mike wasn’t the father as Maria belittled him on Raw. Sure enough, the storyline was dropped and both stopped being featured on television.

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