Former WWE Star Calls Alberto Del Rio ‘A Class Act’

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Former WWE Star Calls Alberto Del Rio ‘A Class Act’

Alberto Del Rio is one of WWE’s more controversial former stars, which given WWE’s list of former stars, that’s saying something.

Despite this, former WWE star Chris Masters has given high praise to his former colleague in an interview with SportsKeeda, labelling him a “class act”.

“I worked a lot with Alberto, especially when he first came over. I was pretty much kind of married to him for the first two or three months of when he started with WWE. Just a class act as far as from a work standpoint and everything, man.

“A really easy guy to work, in good shape. No real problems whatsoever. When he came in, they just used me as a guy to put him over essentially when he was first getting started and to help establish him.”

Masters could be on his way back to WWE after recently re-signed Carlito teased that his former tag partner could be making a return in the near future.

Del Rio is currently on trial for sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping.

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