Former WWE Star Calls Coronavirus Threat Fear Mongering

3 years ago by Tempest

Former WWE Star Calls Coronavirus Threat Fear Mongering

The Coronavirus has turned the world on its head as of late. One person who has not been phased by the public outcry is former WWE star, Austin Aries.

Aries unloaded on Twitter, proclaiming the hysteria to be fear-mongering. People are in a tizzy for sure, and some of it may very well be unfounded.


Already started taking away right to assembly, now just waiting for the mandated vaccine that everybody happily and lines up for and blindly accepts because “it’ll make me safe.”


A perfect compliant corporate consumer slave needs to be 3 things:

1) Unhealthy
2) Unhappy
3) Unsafe

We then will buy shit OR freely give up our remaining freedoms and rights in pursuit of the illusion that it’ll make us healthy, happy, or safe. #coronavirus

While the sheep herd together tell me how dumb I am…

3700 people WORLDWIDE have died from #coronavirus over the past month.

4800 AMERICANS have died from heart diseases in the past 3 Days. 48,000 a month.

No mass panic, gov intervention, no closing @kfc or @McDonaldsCorp.

Amazes me how so many who’s lives revolve around pro wrestling, being so smart to how staged it is, can then also be the ones to watch any TV or media news outlet and think ‘but this is all real…nothing staged here.'”

Multiple wrestling promotions have been canceling events due to the virus. As the date approaches, more rumours have begun to circulate about the possible cancelation of WrestleMania.

Needless to say, it would take a big ordeal to stop WrestleMania from happening but it is still important to know facts and do your own research.

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