Former WWE Star Challenges Triple H To WrestleMania Match

3 years ago by Tempest

Former WWE Star Challenges Triple H To WrestleMania Match

The Ruthless Aggression docuseries has provided a number of interesting stories. One that has been gaining steam on social media lately is of Triple H recalling the story of not wanting Mark Jindrak to be in Evolution.

The clip begins with Triple H remembering Jindrak showing up to their first vignette shoot and telling Vince McMahon he did not want him in the group. They then showed the original Evolution clips with Jindrak in place of Batista.

Now, Jindrak has challenged Triple H to a match at WrestleMania 36. He tweeted that he now has closure after 17 years. Jindrak said he understands why Triple H didn’t want him in the group but that won’t stop him from challenging him at WrestleMania.

Jindrak had little success in WWE. He appeared on Raw and SmackDown in the early 2000s but was released in 2005. Since then, he has primarily worked for Lucha Libre promotions such as CMLL and AAA.

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