Former WWE Star Debuts On AEW: Dynamite

3 years ago by Nate

Former WWE Star Debuts On AEW: Dynamite

No, it wasn’t Matt Hardy. You’re going to have to go back even further.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts debuted tonight on AEW: Dynamite. As Cody was calling MJF out, Roberts came out.

Unlike many WWE legends, Roberts wasn’t there to praise Cody. He said he was there because he was tired of Cody’s crying and bitching.

He called him Ceasar and told him he wasn’t here to bow down to him. He was here to make a statement. He’d been working for a long time to be clean and come back.

He talked about playing mind games. He said he used to keep a snake in the corner to make people think. When they looked away he would drop them.

Now, he’s got a new client. His new client is going to have a snake in his corner and when Cody is distracted by the snake, his client would drop him, too.

So, now the question is: Who is the client? Seems like Brodie Lee would make a great fit for Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Of course, it could be Lance Archer. Another option would be Matt Hardy. Hardy seems like he’s too good of a promo to need Roberts in his corner.

Lee never really spoke much in WWE, so maybe he needs someone to help him cut promos.

Let us know on Twitter, who you think Jake’s new client might be?

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