Former WWE Star Discusses Big Issue With Raw Underground

3 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Former WWE Star Discusses Big Issue With Raw Underground

Last week on Raw, Shane McMahon returned to WWE TV for the first time this year. Shane introduced Raw Underground, which is basically WWE’s version of Fight Club.

The new concept was met with mixed reviews online. While some applauded WWE for trying something new during this tough time, others aren’t so keen on the idea.

However, there is no denying that Raw Underground made guys like Babatunde, Erik, Dolph Ziggler and The Hurt Business look rather impressive.

In spite of this, and with a particular focus on Ziggler, former WWE star Lance Storm has spoken about one of the potential issues WWE could face with Raw Underground.

While speaking on a Wrestling Observer Q&A, the former Intercontinental Champion spoke about an issue WWE could face with blending Raw Underground and more Raw matches:

“Nobody has brought up the point that I think is the issue. They created a really cool look. By having these, let’s say, way more violent, way more quick sudden big throws, takedown, ground and pound and KO’ing guys, it looked exciting. To me the issue is you debuted it with what I would consider a UFC knockout highlight real where there were 4 matches in under 2 minutes. That’s less than 30 seconds a fight. If this gets over, they are in real trouble because the suddenness and the violence of a 30 second first-round KO is great, but you have a 3-hour show to fill. If Dolph Ziggler does a great amateur takedown, a go behind, chokes this guy out, you say, Ziggler looked awesome. Yea, he did, but if he has to do a pro wrestling match on RAW next week and go 12 minutes, I think there is the real fear of what happened to bada** Dolph that can beat a guy in 30 seconds?”

To be fair, Storm does make a good point. The shoot-feel of Raw Underground doesn’t really work with the scripted wrestling feel of regular Raw matches.

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