Former WWE Star Paul London ‘Insulted’ By Offer From AEW

Former WWE Star Paul London ‘Insulted’ By Offer From AEW WWE

Former WWE star Paul London has revealed he felt insulted by an offer given to him by AEW after he offered to help the promotion as a coach.

London, who last wrestled for WWE in 2008, has worked as a producer in several promotions including Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling, and revealed during an episode of the Café de Rene podcast that he was told he could wrestle on Dark or Dark: Elevation, something he was not very happy about.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter report reads:

Paul London on the Café de Rene podcast (Post Wrestling transcription) said he inquired about a job as a coach or producer, noting that he had done that with Lucha Underground, and was told that they already had a full staff in both. He said he was offered a chance to wrestle on the streaming show and considered it an insult. “You know, I feel I have a lot offer’ and you know, without outright saying, ‘Hey, this doesn’t make any sense’ and, ‘Hey look, this is really bad’ and, ‘Hey look, this is pretty unwatchable,’ there was more so, ‘How can I help you guys kind of sharpen some of these things up a bit?’ Because I had done that at Lucha Underground and I really excelled at it, I really enjoyed it, you know? I was part of that writing team, even though I wasn’t officially a writer there. “I was part of the creative discussions and things of that nature and really enjoyed it and really excelled and it was probably the most fun I ever had in wrestling was my time in Lucha Underground. So I was hoping, hey, you know, maybe there’s a need for something like that and was shut down like immediately. Like, ‘No, no, no. We’ve got enough coaches, got enough agents.’ It’s like, really? I don’t think they’re doing their job

It’s one thing to offer me a ‘look’ on their YouTube show which I can’t say was very flattering and then for Brian (Kendrick) to be released one day and then get put immediately on TV and then that whole thing blew up in their face, you know, because they didn’t vet somebody properly.

London hasn’t wrestled since December 2018, but judging by his comments, he is very keen to keep working within the wrestling business.

Via Cafe de Rene podcast, Post Wrestling Transcription

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