Former WWE Star Says John Cena Taught Him ‘Every Single Thing’ About Wrestling

Former WWE Star Says John Cena Taught Him ‘Every Single Thing’ About Wrestling

A former WWE star who was released earlier this year in April has praised John Cena for teaching him ‘every single thing’.

Rusev, now going by his real name Miro, was the latest guest on the Ryback Show, during which he discussed his time in WWE and his release.

The Bulgarian and Cena had plenty of matches over the few years he was on the WWE main roster, and Rusev holds that as a very valuable experience. He said:

“I was blessed. To this day, I pray and I’m so thankful that I got to work with John Cena who taught me every single thing, and talking about the crowd, the timing, and it’s just an unbelievable experience, man.

“You can tell that there are people who work with him, their timing versus the people who never work with him, and it’s such a difference. I feel so blessed working with him. And even to this day… every day, I give thanks to John for teaching me how to wrestle.”

Not only did Rusev say Cena taught him how to wrestle, but also that they have a great relationship, even to this day. He added:

“[We had a] great relationship. I never had a bad experience with John. John taught me about cars because I love cars, and he taught me about cars. And I got a Maserati because he recommended that it was a fantastic car. I’ve been in his house for dinner. I think it was a christening for me – we started working a program and he invited me into his house to kind of see who I am, and we hung out. It was fun, man.

“Every time I hung out with John, it was fun. He’s an amazing dude and he works out really hard, and he was always open for advice. He’ll never shove you on the side. He will never do any of that.

“He texted me the other day that I look great – because we still text to this day. And John, I think we have a great relationship, and I always wanted him to be kind of like my mentor. I always talked to him because who else knows better, you know, than John Cena? The guy who’s probably the greatest superstar of all time after Hulk Hogan.”

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

4 years ago by Liam Winnard



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