Former WWE Star Says NXT Lost Focus Of What They Want From Talent

Former WWE Star Says NXT Lost Focus Of What They Want From Talent

Former NXT star Kassius Ohno (AKA Chris Hero) had some interesting comments regarding NXT. On his new podcast Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling?, he said that once NXT went live every week they lost focus.

He primarily talked about losing focus on what they want from talent and what they do with the Performance Center. Here is the full quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“Once they went live week-to-week, they started losing focus of what they wanted from the talent. The initial purpose of NXT was to have a television show to get talent ready for the main roster. They ended up with the lucrative deal with Full Sail and capitalized with the niche fan instead of the casual fan. The success of [NXT], muddies the water with the Performance Center. Are they trying to learn to wrestle so they can be WWE superstars or be for NXT? People say they are the same, they absolutely aren’t the same. They are run by different people who want different things. One of the reasons those with an Independent wrestling background are so successful is because they can adapt to that.

When all you know is what you’ve been taught in the Performance Center, it’s hard to throw someone a curveball and it’s difficult for them to make certain adjustments. What it boils down to is what the boss wants. If he loves it, then you’re doing a good job. They have so many bodies in the Performance Center and so many classes. When you start, it is of the utmost importance to figure out who you’re trying to please and what you’re trying to do. You need to pick a peer whose opinion you trust. You have a coach, a head coach, and Triple H. When you have all these coaches and you move to a different class, you have to learn quick what he or she wants because it may be different. It gets overwhelming for the new talent.”

Kassius Ohno had multiple tenures in NXT with his most recent one ending when he was released by WWE on Black Wednesday. Before he was released he was competing in NXT UK as a heel.

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