Former WWE Superstar Revealed As The Exalted One

3 years ago by Nate

Former WWE Superstar Revealed As The Exalted One

The Dark Order and Evil Uno have been promising The Exalted One would reveal himself on AEW: Dynamite. They delivered on their promise.

During an in-ring segment, Brodie Lee has been revealed as The Exalted One. Brodie Lee is the former Luke Harper of WWE.

Lee was revealed during a vignette. After he pulled down his hood, he had the following to say to Christopher Daniels:

“You’re not the only out of touch old man to have not believed in me.”

After the reveal, Lee was in the ring with The Dark Order. Lee, Uno, and Grayson took out Kaz and Daniels.

Of course, the old man shot was a shot at Vince McMahon. It’s rumored Vince didn’t believe in pushing Lee because he couldn’t pull off a southern accent effectively.

It’s hard to imagine Vince not liking Harper who is a big man and is really athletic. However, you just never know with Vince what will turn him off.

WWE’s loss is AEW’s gain in this case. The jury is still out on if Lee fits with The Dark Order, but AEW should be able to pull it off.


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