Former WWE Tag Team Explains Why They Didn’t Travel Together

Former WWE Tag Team Explains Why They Didn’t Travel Together

For many WWE tag teams it’s natural for them to travel together to further their connection, but we now know one team that didn’t.

Speaking with Kurt Johansson, Big Kon, formerly known as Konnor of the Ascension in WWE, revealed that he and Viktor didn’t actually travel the roads together.

He said:

“We love working together. We’re also like brothers. It’s the oddest relationship because we never travelled together when we were on the main roster. I always rode with Erick Rowan and he (Viktor) always rode with Brodie (Luke Harper). And so he would ride with Brodie and I would always ride with Rowan, and we would always just go do our own thing and we’d meet up somewhere.”

Konnor went on to add that he and Rowan were more suited as travel partners as they woke up earlier (7am) to workout, while Viktor and Brodie Lee would often wake up as late as 11am.

The Ascension were release by WWE in December of 2019 and now go by the names Big Kon and Vik as the Awakening.

Quote via Sportskeeda

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