Former WWE Talent Says This Was The Best Hour In Wrestling

3 years ago by Nate

Former WWE Talent Says This Was The Best Hour In Wrestling

Former WWE on-air personality, commentator, and often the butt of The Rock’s jokes, Jonathan Coachman spoke with The Wrestling Chatter podcast. He talked about getting to work with The Rock.

However, he specifically mentioned the WrestleMania 18 match between Rock and Hulk Hogan. The analyst has some pretty high praise for the match:

“I will say to this day is the single greatest hour of pro wrestling and sports entertainment in the history of sports entertainment. And I know there has been a lot of great ones, but it’s one of two or three times that I can remember, and the other one is Triple H’s return in Madison Square Garden, that I actually walked out onto the floor to watch it with my own two eyes. And to know the greatness of The Rock and Hogan had nothing to do with this—I don’t mind Hogan, he’s just not my favorite person, I mean we get along but we’ve never been friends—but to watch them work for a week and put this match together, these two mega powers in the sport of wrestling, from two different generations, and then to watch the crowd turn and not do what we expected them to do.  And then for having The Rock be smart enough to change it while they were standing in the ring, and people thought they were talking trash to each other.

“In reality, The Rock was changing it, because there are certain things you can do as a babyface and you can’t do as a heel and there are certain things you can do as a heel, that you can’t do as a babyface. To watch the brilliance in that moment, that was not too big for him because a lot of people don’t understand when you’re on national worldwide television, you know the red light’s on, you know there’s 80,000 people there and you know there’s millions watching at home, that can be overwhelming from an anxiety perspective, nerves, and only a few people can really handle it. For The Rock to be in the moment, and to hear and to understand, and to feel, and to be able to change it, was nothing short of remarkable and the show should have ended right there.”

At least he used the word sports entertainment. If we’re talking about truly great hour-long moments in wrestling Flair/Steamboat and Omega/Okada would half to be considered.

Of course, there are plenty of others. What would your best hour in wrestling be? Hour 3 of Raw? Let us know on Twitter.  

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