Former WWE VP Of TV Production Reveals Backstage Origins Of Rapid Camera Cutting

9 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Former WWE VP Of TV Production Reveals Backstage Origins Of Rapid Camera Cutting WWE

Former WWE Vice President of Global Television Production Mike Mansury has recalled the original purpose of WWE’s fast camera cutting.

Fans often criticise WWE’s fast editing style, arguing that at times, it can be hard to focus on the action.

Speaking on AdFreeShows with Conrad Thompson. Mike Mansury revealed that the rapid cuts were first purposefully utilised following The Shield’s debut at Survivor Series 2012, to make the faction’s segments feel more chaotic.

Noting that it was not Kevin Dunn who pitched this editing style, Mansury said:

“I will choose to protect the nameless person, but I will say the rapid camera cutting, to my recollection, that came into play when The Shield debuted. The whole purpose behind it, was to make what you see on-screen with the three characters of The Shield and the push, was to make it seem all that more chaotic.

“At the time, it worked. I can see now, after so many years of doing it, a lot of viewers feel like they’re on a queasy thrill ride, but that was the intent of it initially. A lot of it is done to protect the magic. You don’t want to expose the business.

“A big part of the business is how it’s done on TV. If you’re exposing the magic, you’re killing the fun for everybody. That’s the approach and the rapid camera cut situation, it was born out of creating and exciting and chaotic feel for when the Shield were doing the three-on-one beatdowns early in their run. It’s hard to break some habits, but shoutout to the gentleman who shares my initials who created that concept”

Mansury left WWE in May 2020, after four years in the Vice President of Global Television Production role, and 11 years with the company in total.

Transcription via Fightful

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