Former WWE Wrestler Steals World Title On IMPACT Wrestling

3 years ago by Nate

Former WWE Wrestler Steals World Title On IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling certainly has been making use of the recently released WWE superstars. Whether it’s Luke/Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson main eventing EMERGENCE, Eric Young attacking Rich Swann, Heath Slater trying to earn a contract, or Brian Myers answering Eddie Edwards open challenge, it seems like every other headline for IMPACT is about a WWE release.

While that may seem like a long list, it’s incomplete. Quite possibly, the most intriguing character showing up on IMPACT has been ECIII. He’s been showing up each week and tormenting Moose.

Tonight, on Emergence, ECIII made an appearance. Moose defended the TNA World Championship against Trey Miguel. Trey came up a bit short in his attempt to take the title from Moose.

However, ECIII was a bit more successful. He didn’t do it the honest way, though. After the match, he hit Moose with a Reverse DDT.

He then grabbed the TNA World Title and took off with it. While technically, IMPACT doesn’t recognize the TNA Title as an official title, they certainly have been presenting it as a belt that needs defending.

It is certainly more title like than the FTR Title in AEW. Anyway, it’s now in the possession of ECIII. I guess he’s not only controlling his narrative, but the TNA World Title’s as well.

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