Former WWE Writer Explains Why RETRIBUTION Has Failed & The Hurt Business Has Succeeded

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Former WWE Writer Explains Why RETRIBUTION Has Failed & The Hurt Business Has Succeeded

A former writer for WWE has explained why the recently debuted RETRIBUTION faction has failed but the Hurt Business has succeeded.

Speaking on Outside Interference With Kenny Herzog, ex WWE writer Andrew Goldstein revealed his opinions on both factions.

On the issues with RETRIBUTION, Golstein said:

“If you’re going to name an infiltrating group ‘RETRIBUTION’, you need to have a thesis in your promos. There needs to be some sort of grievance that you’re fighting against, and they’ve yet to name a grievance. That’s really where it’s failed. You could point to the masks and outfits and the kind of campiness of it, but to me there’s no mission statement. If RETRIBUTION came out and it was headed by one of the wrestlers who had just been released six months ago, RETRIBUTION makes sense and I’m into it. There’s just no reason for me to care because I don’t know what they’re fighting against. They just say these nebulous, nonspecific terrorizing things.”

On this past Monday’s episode of Raw, it was revealed that Mustafa Ali was the leader of the group, which will hopefully lead to more sense being made of the group’s presence.

Goldstein also gave his thoughts on the success of the Hurt Business, saying:

“Hurt Business probably was produced by somebody who was overseeing the middle of the card and it’s become the main event. Look at the guys in it. They’re all veterans. Those are not guys who are going to be walked all over creatively. Those are guys who have the confidence at this point in their career to be able to walk into Vince’s office, sit down with them and be like, ‘That’s not really something I would say.’ And that’s why MVP’s promos have been so good.”

Quotes via WrestleZone

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