FOX Hilariously Botches Sasha Banks’ Name (VIDEO)

3 years ago by Andy Datson

FOX Hilariously Botches Sasha Banks’ Name (VIDEO)

Either Sasha Banks is going in a very different direction with her career, or FOX has just wonderfully botched her name during an advert for Friday Night SmackDown.

Due to SmackDown being on FOX, it gets plugged a lot during other shows, and unfortunately not all the hosts are all that familiar with the WWE product.

As you’ll see from the video below, WWE seems to have introduced a new character called “Sasha Shanks”, which could be Banks coming to the ring with a small knife, I guess.

Whoops. Might want to check your script again, buddy.

The botch was of course picked up immediately by people on social media, many of whom want to see this mysterious Sasha Shanks in action.

We’ll have to see whether Shanks debuts this Friday.

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