FOX & USA Network Pitching Very Interesting Ideas For WWE Shows

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

FOX & USA Network Pitching Very Interesting Ideas For WWE Shows

FOX (the home of SmackDown) and NBC/USA Network (the home of Raw) have pitched some very interesting ideas to WWE for themed shows.

This comes off the back of WrestleVotes reporting yesterday that things like Cyber Sunday, King of the Ring and Raw Roulette could be returning, but Fightful Select has now provided more insight.

According to Fightful, NBC has pitched some sports tie-ins, including with NASCAR, which would include “a major race that integrates race cars and star drivers”.

There’s also been pitches related to the NFL and the start of Sunday Night Football, which would include football-themed matches and angles, and NFL personnel appearing on shows.

Another idea that there’s been is a “wrestling World Cup” featuring talent from across all of WWE’s brands.

But perhaps the most interesting thing NBC has pitched is a “points month” wherein wrestlers earn points by winning matches, performing signature moves, and other things like that.

We’ll keep you updated but it sounds like FOX and NBC are really pushing for these ideas which means we’re probably going to see at least some of them come to light.

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