Freddie Prinze Jr Recalls Words That Would Make Vince McMahon ‘Go Off’

6 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Freddie Prinze Jr Recalls Words That Would Make Vince McMahon ‘Go Off’ WWE

Former WWE creative name Freddie Prinze Jr has recalled Vince McMahon’s reactions to hearing the words ‘belt’ and ‘strap’ in promos.

Since Vince McMahon’s retirement, WWE has loosened up on certain terms, with words including ‘belt’ and ‘hospital’ no longer banned under the new regime.

On his ‘Wrestling With Freddie‘ podcast, Prinze noted that Vince McMahon would call out talent if they referred to their WWE gold as anything other than a title or championship.

Prinze said:

“You weren’t even allowed to say ‘belt’ when Vince McMahon was running things, you had to say ‘title’ or ‘championship.’ I think those were the only two things you could say.

“If you said ‘strap,’ oh, Vince would just go off, man. ‘Aw, goddammit, did he just say strap? Jesus Christ, promo s**t.’ He would go off on one word, and the rest of the promo would be dope, and he wouldn’t even hear it.”

Cody Rhodes previously indicated that, prior to Vince McMahon’s departure, WWE stars would be fined for using banned terms including ‘belt.’

Triple H now runs WWE creative as the company’s Chief Content Officer. New WWE Director of Longterm Creative Rob Fee has now named several of his favourite non-WWE wrestlers.

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