Freddie Prinze Jr Shares Plans To Start His Own Wrestling Company

Freddie Prinze Jr Shares Plans To Start His Own Wrestling Company WWE

Hollywood actor and former WWE Raw writer Freddie Prinze Jr has once again shared his plans to start his own wrestling company, and he wants to have it up and running in 18 months.

Speaking on his Wresting With Freddie podcast, Prinze Jr spoke about his plans for the company, and how he plans to have all his wrestlers unionised under the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

He also outlined his plans as having a two hour show, with storylines based in reality, and equal time for men and women.

He said:

“I plan on having this thing up and running in 18 months. That’s my plan,”

“There’s a way for me to get it done sooner, but it requires me going to Australia for three months and leaving my family. I’m not a big fan of doing that regardless of how kind and respectful the studio is unless I was in a position where I had to. I love being a dad. It’s the reason I walked away from the business in the first place.”

“I doubt I’ll have a TV contract right away. It’s very difficult to maintain ownership and get a TV deal in the beginning like that. If you’re established, they can come in and license you or buy a portion of you, but you’ll still be in control. I think I want to start it as a two hour show. I want my storylines based in reality. I want to give the women and the men equal time on the roster.”

“Then the goal is to bring the show to television and I want it to be a SAG show,”

“What that means is I want it to be a union show, which would mean each and every single one of my wrestlers would be a member of the Screen Actors Guild and be entitled to all the insurance, medical benefits, and retirement plans that that entails.”

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