Free Agent Comments On Potentially Joining WWE

3 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Free Agent Comments On Potentially Joining WWE WWE

The wrestling world has it’s fair share of ‘free agents’ linked with moves to either AEW or WWE.

While names such as Jay White, Matt Cardona and Nick Aldis have been gathering the most steam lately, there is another name that seems to have plenty options on the table.

Prominent wrestling broadcaster Alicia Atout, who was recently granted her release from MLW after four years in the company and is now free to go wherever she pleases.

So, could WWE potentially be next for the 27-year-old ‘Interview Queen’?

Speaking to Fightful, Atout addressed the possibility of a WWE move and revealed whether they had made any contact with her.

Atout said:

“There haven’t been any discussions. I know their big thing a lot of the time is there is a page you can send stuff to, but a lot of it is just them reaching out to you. 

I think every female I know who’s gotten a gig there, it’s either because a buddy’s in there already or they approached them. So that one’s a little more fickle.

However, completely not out of the question because I feel like people are crazy when they say, ‘No, I’d never like to work there.’ Even if it’s a short stint, it’s the pinnacle of it all, it’s WWE.

So for me, that would be so cool. My main thing however is just not wanting to go into robot mode wherever I end up. I would love for them to hire me for me so I can actually bring something to the company, and again just not be in that robotic stance of delivering whatever lines they want.

I love the banter, I love the ping pong, that interaction. I know that’s kind of what we crave as interviews doing that kind of stuff.

So definitely, my eyes are on it. I just have to figure out, maybe, do I finally send that email and reach out? I don’t know yet.”

As well as MLW, Atout has also appeared for both IMPACT and AEW, so perhaps a WWE move in the future isn’t too far from the realm of possibility.

Transcript courtesy of Fightful.

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