FTR Comments On Bret Hart Hall Of Fame Incident

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

FTR Comments On Bret Hart Hall Of Fame Incident

FTR were recent guests on Jim Cornette’s podcast, and one of the topics they discussed was the Bret Hart incident at the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame.

An intruder entered the ring while Hart and Natalya were doing their speech, but was swiftly met with a number of wrestlers from the audience sliding in and getting rid of him.

One of the most memorable moments of that was Cash Wheeler (Dash Wilder) of FTR nailing him with a blow as he was being carried out.

Speaking about when the intruder was being led out, Wheeler explained that there was no official security and he wasn’t being properly restrained, he was just being led out by the wrestlers.

He was still threatening them, and Wheeler didn’t want to take the risk of someone else being attacked like Hart was, so he decided to do what he had to do to neutralise the situation.

He did, however, add that he had a meeting with Vince McMahon regarding the incident, saying:

“I did have a meeting with Vince McMahon and I did have to show him the video from multiple angles so he could see that the guy wasn’t restrained. There were no cuffs, no cops, no security, just the boys, and a mentally unstable guy whose hands are not being restrained at all. As soon as he saw the video and I told him kind of like what the guy had been saying, everything changed.

“He wasn’t mad to begin with, he was just worried. Once he saw the video, once he saw the guy was not restrained, he was still a threat and that was the case, he was like, ‘that’s completely justified, that’s self-defense, you guys had to do what you had to do in a blink of an eye to make sure no one else got hurt’.”

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