Fuego Del Sol Says He Was Paid More For AEW Dark Than WWE Raw

Fuego Del Sol Says He Was Paid More For AEW Dark Than WWE Raw

On the debut episode of AEW Rampage (August 13), Fuego Del Sol earned a full-time AEW contract after his loss to Miro, following months of working as an unsigned enhancement talent on AEW Dark and Dark:Elevation.

Dark and Elevation were not Fuego’s first rodeo as an unsigned enhancement talent, as he was also used on WWE Raw back in January 2020, where he competed unmasked as KJ Orso during the Erick Rowan’s cage angle.

Fuego recently appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, where he spoke about being used on Raw, and spoke about how he got paid better for his AEW Dark appearances than his Raw appearance.

Fuego said:

“They came to Oklahoma City. I had done some extra work for them before. I don’t know if that was me, per se. I think that was just a buddy of mine. He’s the one who got that opportunity, KJ Orso, but it was really just right place right time for him.  I remember that day being something of they needed somebody, and my reputation of being that nice guy and not only nice guy. The guy who listens, and can be coachable and be someone that needs to be.

“I remember that day pretty fondly. They had KJ Orso just constantly practice that over and over again, running up the ramp. But they need this visual of the cage squirting some red stuff in the face and running and screaming. So, no mask. I couldn’t do it at that time, so he did it. It was a good payday for him, and he went from there. He took this prop guy and they had this little capsule in his mouth, and so, he just had to spit into his hand and rub it all over his face because it couldn’t be blood on a PG show. There’s no blood.

“It was just red mist, red substance. There was a big man that kept saying this over and over. ‘It can’t be blood.’ You had to cover your face the whole time to kind of hide it. I got part of his money that night. It wasn’t that great. I remember getting my first AEW Dark check and thinking, oh man, AEW is taking care of me much better than that night was. So, I’ll tell you that right now.”

Fuego Del Sol received his AEW contract from Tony Khan and Sammy Guevara on the AEW Rampage premiere episode in a moment that was a ‘complete shoot’.

transcription via WrestlingInc

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