Furloughed WWE Producer Says Wrestling Sucks Without Audience

Furloughed WWE Producer Says Wrestling Sucks Without Audience

Former WWE producer and wrestler, Shane Helms responded to a question posed to him on Twitter. He didn’t hold back when commenting on WWE’s product at this time:

Helms compared watching wrestling without an audience to watching standup without an audience. That is probably one of the aptest comparisons I’ve heard during this pandemic.

For both situations, people in the crowd often use other fans around them as indicators of what they should be reacting to themselves.  In the end, I believe Helms was trying to talk about how important the fans were to the live product.

However, I wonder what Vince will think of those comments. Furloughed employees are supposed to be coming back after the tough times are over. I’m sure Vince wouldn’t be so petty to hold that against him.

So, is it all wrestling or just WWE?

Of course, Vince won’t care will he?

3 years ago by Nate


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