Further Evidence Roderick Strong Is Leaving WWE?

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Further Evidence Roderick Strong Is Leaving WWE?

You would have been slapped if you had said Roderick Strong would be the last man from the Undisputed Era still signed to WWE in 2022 a few years ago.

However, that is the situation we now find ourselves in, but for how much longer?

It has been speculated for some time that Strong is looking to leave WWE for new pastures, and this speculation was thrown into the next gear when Strong and his family opened their own PWTees store last week.

The store has since been quietly removed by the website, but many have taken it as a sign Strong is starting to make moves ahead of a possible departure.

The latest evidence Strong may be set to quit the company is his appearance on the latest edition of WWE Main Event, during which he was pinned by T-Bar.

Now, no offense to T-Bar, but almost no-one loses to T-Bar, who has largely been used to put over more established or new stars on main event or on Raw.

While the puzzle pieces for a Roderick Strong departure are not quite being put together yet, there are certainly signs he may not be a WWE star much longer.

Strong did sign a multi-year deal with WWE last year, but that doesn’t mean WWE can’t release him if they feel like it.

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