Gable Steveson WWE Contract & Roster Status Revealed

Gable Steveson WWE Contract & Roster Status Revealed WWE

An update has emerged on Gable Steveson’s WWE contract and roster status, ahead of the star’s eventual in-ring debut.

Despite signing an exclusive agreement with WWE in September 2021, Steveson has yet to make his official wrestling debut. The star briefly got physical at WrestleMania 38 in April, dropping Chad Gable with a suplex.

A previous report indicated that Steveson is not progressing as hoped. Per Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Steveson is still under contract with WWE, despite his lack of appearances for the company.

Noting that he’s still training with ‘Mr Kennedy’ Ken Anderson, Meltzer wrote:

“Gable Steveson is still under contract with WWE and training to be a pro wrestler with the company. Obviously the original plan was to get him up and running at WrestleMania right after winning the NCAA tournament and it’s a slower process than that.

“There was some question because he’s not in Orlando as all the other prospects are. He is not in current plans or on the list of talent to be used right now. He is still under contract and hasn’t left Minnesota.

“One can speculate that maybe he is going for another year of college wrestling, although if that was the case that should come out any week now since the season starts in a few months. He had talked about it and is training with Ken Anderson, the former Mr. Kennedy.”

Gable Steveson was officially drafted to the Raw roster in the 2021 WWE Draft. Gable’s brother, Bobby Steveson, currently wrestles for NXT as ‘Damon Kemp’.

Triple H recently confirmed that a plan for him to work with Steveson at WrestleMania was scrapped because of his health.

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