Goldberg Still Under WWE Contract, Ready To Return Soon

11 months ago by Andy Datson

Goldberg Still Under WWE Contract, Ready To Return Soon WWE

Fans will be thrilled to hear that 55-year-old Bill Goldberg is still under contract with WWE, and he is ready to return as soon as he gets the call.

Goldberg, who last wrestled at Elimination Chamber against Roman Reigns earlier this year, has spoken to the New York Post about his current status, and whether he’s keen on returning to the ring.

He revealed he’s in “pretty damn good shape right now”, but admits he has no idea when the phone is going to ring.

Goldberg said:

“I’m still waiting for that one (call) to happen one of these days, but I suppose you never retire in the wrestling world until you’re dead, so who knows.”

He went on to describe his shoulder as “absolutely destroyed”, but doesn’t currently feel that the injury will require surgery. He spoke about the work he has put in to make sure his body is in the best shape possible in case WWE comes calling.

“I have worked my ass off day, after day, after day to get to a point where I feel almost normal again. I just kind of needed that break. I needed the mental focus of understanding that surgery wasn’t an option at the time and I needed to put my ass to the grindstone.”

While he is ready for the call, Goldberg admitted the call may never come. Despite that, he said: “But you bet your ass I’ll be ready.”

It was recently noted by PWInsider that WWE is in Salt Lake City for the September 23 episode of SmackDown, which just happens to be where Goldberg made his WCW debut on September 22, 25 years ago. This could just be a coincidence of course, but there’s every chance WWE is planning an anniversary show.

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