Grayson Waller Trolls Fans Hoping For Johnny Gargano WWE Return

10 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Grayson Waller Trolls Fans Hoping For Johnny Gargano WWE Return WWE

Triple H is now in power in WWE as both the head of creative and the EVP of Talent Relations, which has already caused a lot of speculation among wrestling fans.

Fans have speculated that Triple H’s promotion could signal the return of several former stars of the Black and Gold era of NXT who recently departed the company, with the most frequent name thrown around being Johnny Gargano.

Gargano was considered the ‘heart and soul’ of NXT during his time on the brand, and left the company last December due to his contract expiring. Since then, he has yet to wrestle or sign a contract anywhere else.

Gargano was written off NXT during his final appearance on the show, when he was assaulted by Grayson Waller during his farewell speech.

Waller has clearly heard all the speculation about a potential return for Gargano now that Triple H is in power, so Waller took to Twitter to make sure they remembered what happened the last time we saw Gargano in WWE.

We recently compiled a list of 10 former WWE/NXT names who could return to WWE under the Triple H regime.

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