WWE Hall Of Famer Hopes For WWE Return For Mercedes Mone

2 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan

WWE Hall Of Famer Hopes For WWE Return For Mercedes Mone NJPW

Mercedes Mone’s post-WWE run has thus far been quite the success, with the former six-time WWE Women’s Champion claiming the IWGP Women’s Title in her first NJPW match against KAIRI at January’s WrestleKingdom 17.

However, despite the success the former Sasha Banks has already had while apart from WWE there is one fellow former WWE Women’s Champ who wants Mercedes back at her former employer.

WWE Hall-of-Famer Madusa recently appeared on ‘Under The Ring’ to discuss her own career and her new book: The Woman Who Would Be King: The MADUSA Story.

During her appearance however, Madusa would also discuss the WWE departure of Mercedes Mone and her walking out of WWE in May last year.

Madusa said:

“As far as Mercedes, I think Mercedes has actually during a time when she was still champion, I believe tag team championship, whatever she was feeling, she felt like whatever and she handed the titles in and she walked out because she wanted to fulfill something, her dream, something she always wanted to do. I mean, God bless her on that, you know, somebody following what they want to do.”

While Madusa spoke of her admiration for New Japan and STARDOM, she also shared her wish for a WWE return for Mercedes in the future.

Hopefully, she will go back to WWE someday if she wants to. Right now she’s just fulfilling it. Let’s hope and continue that everything is great over there with her and Stardom. Maybe she’s paving the way that women can do what they want to do. I may have waited until my contract expired and then did it, but you know, everyone has their own reason and choice and I don’t know what that was, so I can’t say on her’s.”

Despite the hopes for a WWE return Madusa would praise Mercedes’ current direction, saying she’s “got the right mindset and the right people behind her”.

Madusa’s new book is available now from Amazon at this link.

H/T to Wrestlingnews.co for the transcription.

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