What Happened After Full Gear 2021 Went Off The Air?

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

What Happened After Full Gear 2021 Went Off The Air?

Here’s what happened after AEW Full Gear went off the air, following Hangman Adam Page’s AEW World Title win.

In the main event of the pay-per-view, Page pinned Kenny Omega to become the forth-ever AEW World Champion. The show ended with Page celebrating in the ring with The Dark Order.

After cameras stopped rolling, Page addressed the Target Center crowd. Emotionally recalling his AEW career so far, Page said:

“I told myself all day that if this was the outcome, I would cry like a little baby.  I guess I lied to myself about that.  That seems to be a thing with me.  I lie to myself.  When I joined the Bullet Club, I thought I’d never measure up.  I thought I’d never belong and I lied to myself.  When AEW started, I told all of you I’d be the first champion.  I might have believed it a little bit but I lied to myself then too.

As time went on, the lies, they kept flowing.  I said I shouldn’t try to hold onto my friendship with Kenny and The Bucks.  That was a lie to myself.  I said these guys right here (points to Dark Order), they’ll never be my friends and let me tell you, honest to God, they are some of the best friends I’ve ever had in my life.

As we got closer tonight, there was a little bit of myself that doesn’t go away.  I told myself I really wouldn’t win it so I guess I lied to myself about that too, didn’t I?  So, if you’ll humor me, I’ll go for one last lie to myself.  I will hold this for the rest of my life.”

In the post-show media scrum, Page reflected on his victory, discussing how his story has changed course several times due to the pandemic.

Page is set to make his first defense of the championship against Bryan Danielson, who won the AEW World Championship Eliminator tournament final against Miro at Full Gear.

Quote via PWInsider.

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