Hangman Page Reflects On Growth, Thanks The Elite & Dark Order

6 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Hangman Page Reflects On Growth, Thanks The Elite & Dark Order AEW

Hangman Page has reflected on his growth as a performer and individual, thanking members of The Elite and the Dark Order for helping him.

On Instagram, Page shared a backstage photo of himself, Jon Silver and Alex Reynolds from All Out. At this event, this trio were defeated by Kenny Omega & the Young Bucks in the Trios Championship tournament finals.

Opening up about his work alongside The Elite and the Dark Order, Page wrote:

“After you get famous, you stop growing. You don’t have to.”

After being an even small part of a movement with the Elite and our subsequent falling out I was a afraid of stagnation. I was happy, fulfilled, and getting a good paycheck; but without anyone to push me further.

During Brodie’s illness I was scared to move forward with these guys, but we all still felt it was the right thing to do.

I could never say enough about all of the Dark Order.

John’s jokes effortlessly turn a bad day into a hilarious one. Alex is my dad friend; our sons were born five days apart and it’s been so grounding to have someone on the same ride as me. Uno self-deprecates in a way I can relate to, only wishing he saw in himself what I see in him.

Ten for working tirelessly and covering for my sorry ass at the latest possible notice. Anna for never hesitating to get in on a good dick joke and be one of the boys. Stu for never being complacent with his spot and always wanting for more.

Five for overcoming having such a small penis and gaining the confidence to bet on himself in a way I have never had to. Colt for being a fountain of wisdom and saying to me the most self-affirming words I’ve ever heard.

I owe a lot of my career to Matt, Nick, and Kenny. I owe as much to these guys too. Thank you for helping me continue to grow.

Omega and the Bucks are currently suspended following their alleged involvement in a backstage fight which occurred following CM Punk’s verbal tirade during the post-All Out media scrum. Hangman Page was one of the names Punk targeted during his rant, but Page had reportedly left the building before the scrum, so reportedly wasn’t involved in the altercation.

It’s believed that CM Punk has also been suspended, but he’s currently out of action recovering from surgery to fix a tricep injury anyway.


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