Hangman Page Addresses Swerve Stickland & Bryan Danielson In Fiery Promo

Hangman Page Addresses Swerve Stickland & Bryan Danielson In Fiery Promo AEW

AEW’s Hangman Adam Page has addressed Swerve Strickland and Bryan Danielson in a fiery promo ahead of AEW Dynamite.

Adam Page made his return as the ‘Wild Card’ in the Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament on last week’s Dynamite show, where he defeated Jeff Jarrett in the first round of the tournament.

After a victory over Jay White on Collision, Page is now set for the tournament final, where he will face off with Bryan Danielson on this week’s episode of Dynamite.

Following his Collision victory, AEW shared an incredible backstage promo from Hangman, where he poured his heart out while addressing Danielson and AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland.

He said:

“I told you. Didn’t I tell you? I would win this tournament if it took everything in me. I would give my blood. You know I would give my blood. I’ve done it a thousand times over. I will probably do it a thousand times over again. I would spill every last drop that I have to win this and take away from him. To burn his world down. He broke into my home! He threatened my family! We had to leave. We had to leave our home. Do you understand what that did to me? He never paid for it. He never paid for it! They loved him for it. I have them everything I had. It’s five years. I gave them every damn thing that I had, and they chose him. They chose him.

“Next I have Bryan Danielson. Our record is 1-1-1, Bryan. I can tell you this. On the three occasions we met, I was never driven…I’m driven by something completely different now. I was never as driven as I am right now. You can call it justice, you can call it hatred. I don’t give a fuck what you call it. It’s all I have left. I’m going to ruin you. I’m going to burn you alive. There will be nothing left of you. When I’m done, the biggest stage that we have, I am coming for you. I am coming for you.”

transcription via Fightful

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