Happy Corbin Claps Back At Fans’ ‘Go Away Heat’ Claims

10 months ago by Amanda Savage

Happy Corbin Claps Back At Fans’ ‘Go Away Heat’ Claims WWE

Earlier today, we brought you a story about how Happy Corbin noted in a recent interview that he didn’t believe, “go away heat” exists.

Here’s the quote:

“That’s a make-believe term. Go-away heat would be silence cause they wouldn’t care; they don’t want to see you. But when my music hits, that’s the difference. People have to sometimes go out there and do something to get booed. The second my music hits, they are booing. That is when you have — that is when people don’t like you. It doesn’t take me punching John Cena in the face and going out and telling the crowd I’m better than John Cena to get booed.”

When Michael in the WrestleTalk Twitter comments responded to the story by saying: “It absolutely exists, lol” that was all it took to summon Happy Corbin to share his thoughts.

Ahead of his high profile match against fan favorite commentator, Pat McAfee, Happy Corbin popped round to clap back, writing:

“Yes Michael you know more than HOF’s legends & active roster talent from all your experience in our world as what? Some pile of trash that can type on twitter and spends hours YouTubing wrestling people have never heard of. People like you are 100% the only problem with wrestling”

After Corbin was asked about how widespread that sentiment might be amongst the wrestling community (albeit a bit more sarcastically than that,) Corbin responded:

“I would say most agree yes. Marks like you who can’t even answer my question assume when hearing boos that they know why they are all booing like they can read minds I don’t know why I’m replying i guess I’m bored but trying to reason with someone with 0 experience is impossible.”

You got that marks? Happy Corbin makes you feel something and he doesn’t have to do a bunch of b***s**t to get you there! Wait… was that someone else? Who said that? I can’t remember it’s been so long.

At any rate, you can catch Happy Corbin on July 30 live from Nashville, Tennessee at WWE SummerSlam.

You can read the entire card for the event by clicking here.

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