Happy Corbin Says Entrance Music Change Made Him ‘Sick’

6 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Happy Corbin Says Entrance Music Change Made Him ‘Sick’ WWE

Happy Corbin has opened up about his presentation change, admitting that WWE changing his music initially made him sick.

Corbin’s character has underwent several significant shifts over the course of his WWE tenure, from a Lone Wolf, to a Constable, to a King, then becoming disheveled, before finally striking it rich in Las Vegas to become Happy.

On the WWE After the Bell Podcast with Corey Graves, Corbin noted that he wasn’t so happy when he heard his new music, unsure whether he’d be able to make it work.

Believing that wrestlers sometimes have to set their pride aside for the sake of entertainment, Corbin said:

“I think there’s struggles I still have, my entrance, when I first heard it I was so bummed out. My heart, I was hurting. I love my old entrance and it was one of those situations where I’m putting my head in my hands like, can I do this? Can I walk out of the curtain to this music? It made me sick.

“That’s where you have to check your pride at the door. I was also cut off guard, I had no idea I had new music, I just got to work on that Friday and it was like ‘here’s your new music,’ I was like wait what? I have new music? I’m going ‘this is a joke right? You’re having fun with me? You want me to come out and be happy about this? This hurts me.’

“Then you do, you step back and take that perspective and go oh man, if I hate they’re going to hate it and if I’m happy about it it’s going to piss them off even more. Then you go oh, now I’m in, now I love it, it’s hilarious to me. It’s part of who I am now and it’s fun.

“If you can’t embrace those things, you can’t adapt, you can’t try to make them good. Is the song good? Obviously not but I act like it is and I do love it now because it irritates people.

“Some people just can’t set their pride aside and do it for (the WWE). We’re an entertainment company, this is what we do, we entertain people.”

Corbin was defeated by Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 38, marking the former King of the Ring winner’s first singles loss on WWE TV of the year.

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Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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