Happy Corbin Recalls ‘Funny But Frustrating’ Talks With Vince McMahon

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Happy Corbin Recalls ‘Funny But Frustrating’ Talks With Vince McMahon

Happy Corbin has discussed his relationship with Vince McMahon, recalling ‘funny but frustrating’ interactions with the WWE Chairman.

Speaking on the Johnny Dare Morning Show, Corbin revealed that Vince will often slap him on the back of the head, and he’ll have to stop himself from automatically retaliating.

Noting that the situation always amuses the boss, Corbin said:

“Vince, he’s amazing. We have a crazy relationship because he’s a big kid at times who is also the most powerful CEO you’ve ever met in your life. He’s got that business swagger, the way he walks around, but if you’re not looking he’ll smack you in the back of their head if you have that relationship with him.

“He’s hit me a couple of times. You know when someone does something and you instantly just get angry and want to punch them in the face, but you haven’t seen who or what it was yet? He’s done that to me a few times.

“If I’m not paying attention or if I have a shirt on or something, he walks up, and I hate being slapped or smacked, and he smacks me in the back or across the back of the neck and I turn around ready to kill, and I see it’s him and he’s just belly laughing and there’s literally nothing I can do. It’s funny but it’s also frustrating.”

Corbin is set to face off against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 38. The WWE star last wrestled on TV on the February 11 edition of SmackDown, defeating the since-released Cesaro.

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