Happy Corbin Reveals Plans To Leave Wrestling To Become Cooking Show Host

10 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Happy Corbin Reveals Plans To Leave Wrestling To Become Cooking Show Host WWE

WWE SmackDown star Happy Corbin has revealed how much longer he plans to wrestle, revealing that he plans to host a cooking show in the future.

Corbin often shares photos of steaks and other grilled goods during his free time outside the ring.

Speaking with  Rick Ucchino for Bleav in Pro Wrestling, Corbin noted that he plans to jump into the food world when he finishes up with WWE.

Anticipating his wrestling career lasting for at least five more years, Corbin said:

“I’ve made some good buddies in the Food Network world. Chef Aaron May is one of my good buddies. He’s always on Guy’s Grocery Games. I want to have another five or ten years here in WWE, but eventually, like all athletes at some point, our body doesn’t keep up with our minds anymore.

“We may think we can go and I want to be a guy who withdraws at the appropriate time. I don’t want to be there too long. I don’t want to jeopardize — because I feel like I’ve got good stigmas about me other than everybody hates me, but that I’m good in the ring. I’m smooth, I have a creative moveset, I make things look as violent as possible, and those kinds of things.

“So I don’t want to be a step behind my mind physically. So I think, you know, in the next five or ten years, I’ll probably have reached that point. Then I definitely want to get into that food world, whether it’s Food Network, or it’s my own YouTube stuff, or, you know, my buddy Aaron does a lot of stuff where he’s a guest, where he’s a celebrity sponsored cook.

“You know, we were talking about doing the Food and Wine Festival together in Connecticut, because we’re gonna go out there for WWE and raise some good money for Connor’s Cure, so I’m going to cook out there that so there’s a lot of really cool opportunities that food will bring when I’m done throwing people like Pat McAfee around in a ring.”

Corbin last wrestled on WWE TV on the July 1 edition of SmackDown, facing off against Madcap Moss, Ezekiel and The Miz in a fourway bout. He has since been battling Drew Gulak on the house show circuit.

The King of the Ring 2019 winner will face Pat McAfee at SummerSlam on July 30.

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Transcription via Fightful

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