Has WWE Given Up On Jeff Hardy?

Has WWE Given Up On Jeff Hardy?

Jeff Hardy has been a WWE fan favourite for around 20 years, and while he certainly can’t move like he used to, there’s no doubting that he’s still one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster.

However, fans watching last night’s episode of Raw will have seen something pretty worrying that puts into question the future booking of Hardy.

Jeff was involved in the usual 24/7 title brawl, which also featured completely forgotten stars like Jaxson Ryker, R-Truth, Humberto Carrillo and more.

The 24/7 Championship is generally reserved for those stars WWE doesn’t care about, and have no intention of pushing at any time soon.

Other than a couple of wins on Main Event, Jeff has largely played the role of “veteran who gets beaten to put over more pushed star”, and hasn’t had a real feud in nearly a year.

At 44, Jeff still has plenty of years left in him, but it could be that WWE is taking the focus off him for the time being.

Hardy signed a new multi-year deal back in the Summer of 2020, so he’s still got plenty of time left on his current WWE deal, but having a contract doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get pushed in WWE. Just ask the majority of the Raw roster.

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2 years ago by Andy Datson


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